Standard Policies

Check-in Time Rooms are ready for check-in between 4 - 6 p.m.
Let us know at the time of your reservation when you expect to arrive.
Please let us know if you are detained.

Later check-in can be made available with advance confirmation notification.
Check-out Time Check-out time before 11 a.m.
Cancellation Policy At the time of reservation a credit card is required to secure the rooms(s).

Any reservation cancelled less than 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival may be subject to a one night's room charge.

All cancellations or rescheduled reservations will be charged a $20.00 processing fee. The credit card used to secure your reservation will be used to process all charges.

Please understand that other requests for accommodation may have been refused due to availability, especially during high season, holidays and events. We do sympathize when situations present necessitating a cancellation and we will make every effort to re-book the room(s), but we must maintain a business policy.

Guest Information To ensure that your guest room meets your needs, please note the following:

Minimum 2 night reservation in high season, holidays and events.

Peter Secord House is a smoke-free home.

As much as we love them we cannot accommodate pets.

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